The ISP Column


Jul   Revisiting DNS and Truncation
Jun   DNS Evolution
Jun   Routing Topics at RIPE 88
Jun   DNS Topics at RIPE 88
May   Calling Time on DNSSEC
May   A Transport ProtocolŐs View of Starlink
Apr   IPv6 Prefix Lengths
Apr   DNSSEC and .nz
Apr   Coherent Optical Transceivers
Mar   DNS Topics at IETF 119
Mar   Adding IPv6-only to DNS and Truncation in UDP
Mar   KeyTrap!
Mar   Opinion: Digital Sovereignty and Internet Standards
Feb   DNS and Truncation in UDP
Feb   DNS OARC 42
Feb   DNS and the DELEG Proposal
Jan   IP Addresses through 2023
Jan   BGP in 2023 - BGP Updates
Jan   BGP in 2023 - Have we reached Peak IPv4?


Dec    Models of Trust for the RPKI
Dec    Measurement and Analysis of Protocols at IETF 118
Nov    DNS at IETF 118
Nov    Call the Rouiting Police!
Nov    IPv6, the DNS and Happy Eyeballs
Nov    How We Measure: RPKI ROA Signing and Route Origination Validation
Oct    How We Measure: DNSSEC Validation
Oct    Notes from NANOG 89: Trust and Network Infrastructure
Oct    Notes from NANOG 89: BGP Error Handling
Oct    Internet Governance in 2023
Sep    Notes from OARC 41
Sep    DNS is the new BGP
Sep    Measuring the Use of DNSSEC
Aug    Chips Away
Aug    DNSOP at IETF 117
Aug    IEPG at IETF 117
Jul    On Centrality and Fragmentation
Jun    Happy 50th Birthday Ethernet!
Jun    A Further Update on IPv6 Extension Headers
Jun    RIPE 86 Bites - Encryption and Active Network Management
Jun    RIPE 86 Bites - Whats the Time?
Jun    RIPE 86 Bites - Gigabits for EU
May    Failed Expectations
May    The Internet as a Public Utility
Apr    The Internet Twenty-Five Years Later
Apr    Notes from IETF116
Mar    Hiding Behind MASQUEs
Mar    Submarine Cable Resilience
Mar    An Economic Perspective on Internet Centrality
Feb    OARC 40
Feb    To DNSSEC or Not?
Feb    The Root Zone of the DNS Revisited
Jan    IP Addresses through 2022
Jan    BGP in 2022 - BGP Updates
Jan    BGP in 2022 - The Routing Table


Dec    Is Secured Routing a Market Failure?
Dec    The DNS at the IGF
Nov    Some Random Notes from IETF 115
Nov    Looking at Centrality in the DNS
Nov    The Fibre Optic Path
Nov    Going Dark
Nov    Comparing QUIC and TCP
Oct    Notes from OARC 39
Oct    IPv6 Extension Headers Revisited
Oct    Walking the Policy Tightrope
Sep    DNS Evolution: Innovation or Fragmentation?
Sep    Fragmentation
Sep    Sender Pays
Sep    A Second Look at QUIC Use
Sep    DoH, DoT and plain old DNS
Aug    Notes from IETF 114
Aug    Bigger, Faster, Better (and Cheaper!)
Aug    Notes from DNS-OARC 38
Jul    A Look at QUIC Use
Jun    Content vs Carriage - Who Pays?
Jun    The Politics of Submarine Cables in the Pacific
May    The Path to Resolverless DNS
May    Are we there yet?
Apr    Using LEOs and GEOs
Apr    Hop by Hop
Apr    AUSNOG'21
Mar    IETF 113 - DNS Topics
Mar    IETF 113 - IEPG
Mar    Revocation
Feb    DNS-OARC 37
Feb    Another Year of the Transition to IPv6
Feb    DNS4EU
Feb    What's an "Address"?"
Jan    IP Addressing through 2021
Jan    BGP in 2021 - BGP Updates
Jan    BGP in 2021 - The BGP Table


Dec    ICANN DNS Resolver Symposium
Dec    IPv4 Address Markets
Dec    DNS-OARC 36
Dec    Some Notes from RIPE 83
Nov    DINR 2021 Workshop Report
Nov    IETF 112
Nov    DNS at IETF 112
Nov    NANOG 83
Oct    On DNS Openness
Oct    Fifty Years On
Oct    DNSSEC with RSA-4096 Keys
Oct    Learning from Facebook's Mistakes
Sep    IAB Workshop on Measuring Network Quality for End Users
Sep    Regulating Big Tech. This Time, for sure!
Sep    Another DNS OARC Meeting
Aug    TLS with a side of DANE
Aug    Running Code
Aug    Some not-DNS Topics at IETF 111
Aug    DNS at IETF 111
Jul    Outage Reporting
Jul    Another Portent of the Decline and Fall of the Telco
Jul    A Survey on Securing Inter-Domain Routing:
Part 1 - BGP: Design, Threats and Security Requirements
Part 2 - Approaches to Securing BGP
Jul    CDNs and Centrality
Jun    DNSSEC with EdDSA
Jun    Internet Centrality
May    DNS OARC 35
May    Transport vs Network
Apr    IPv4 in the Headlines
Apr    IPv6 Fragmentation Loss
Mar    DNS at IETF 110
Mar    TCP Congestion Control at IETF 110
Mar    Measuring ROAs and ROV
Mar    Notes from the DNS Privacy Workshop at NDSS 2021
Feb    Notes from NANOG 81
Feb    DNS OARC 34
Feb    An IPv6 Update for 2020
Feb    The Internet of Trash
Jan    Addressing 2020
Jan    BGP in 2020 - BGP Update Churn
Jan    BGP in 2020 - The BGP Table


Dec    DNS Oblivion
Dec    DNS Flag Day 2020
Dec    DNS 2XL
Nov    DNS XL
Nov    IETF 109
Oct    DNS Trends
Oct    Securing Routing Q&A's
Oct    Going Postal
Sep    Scaling the Root of the DNS
Sep    DNS Query Privacy Revisited
Aug    The Making of an RFC in today's IETF
Aug    DNS OARC Meeting Notes
Aug    On Cyber Governance
Jul    IPv6 and the DNS
Jun    Measuring Route Origin Validation
Jun    Measuring IPv6
Jun    Where is the DNS Heading?
Jun    Technology Adoption in the Internet
Jun    DNS OARC 32a Meeting Report
Jun    A DNS view of Lockdown
May    New IP and Emerging Communications Technologies
Apr    RPKI and Trust Anchors
Apr    The Wrong Certificate
Mar    Insecurity
Mar    Revocation
Feb    DNSSEC Validation (Revisited)
Feb    Deep Sea Diving
Jan    Addressing 2019
Jan    BGP in 2019 (Part 2)
Jan    BGP in 2019 (Part 1)


Dec    Sizing the Buffer
Nov    My IETF 106
Nov    Notes from OARC 31
Nov    DNS Wars
Oct    Path Prepending in BGP
Oct    Dark Traffic
Sep    DNS Resolver Centrality
Sep    Why is Securing BGP just so Damn Hard?
Aug    DNS Query Privacy
Jul    TCP MSS Values
Jul    Not So Private Thoughts at IETF 105
Jun    Looking for Whats Not There
Jun    Network Protocols and their Use
Jun    Happy Birthday BGP
May    Meeting Report: DNS OARC 30
May    Meeting Report: ICANN DNS Symposium
Apr    Expanding the DNS Root
Apr    More DOH
Apr    DNS Privacy at IETF 104
Mar    The State of DNSSEC Validation
Mar    A quick look at QUIC
Feb    No!
Jan    Addressing 2018
Jan    BGP in 2018 - Part2: BGP Churn
Jan    BGP in 2018 - Part1: The BGP Table


Dec    IPv6 in China
Dec    Internet Economics
Nov    What's the Time
Nov    Analyzing the KSK Roll
Nov    Has Internet Governance become Irrelevant?
Oct    Diving into the DNS
Oct    Securing the Routing System at NANOG 74
Oct    DOH!
Sep    Measuring the KSK Roll
Aug    The Law of Snooping
Aug    DNSSEC and DNS over TLS
Aug    Measuring ECDSA in DNSSEC - A Final Report
Jul    An Update on Securing BGP from IETF 102
Jul    The Uncertainty of Measuring the DNS
Jun    Another 10 Years Later
May    What Drives IPv6 Deployment?
Apr    Measuring ATR
Apr    Measuring Root Zone KSK Trust
Apr    Stuffing the Camel into the Bikeshed
Mar    Just One Bit
Mar    DNS OARC 28
Mar    Crypto Zealots
Feb    Peak DNSSEC?
Jan    Addressing 2017
Jan    BGP in 2017


Dec    A Workshop on Internet Economics
Dec    Network Neutrality - Again
Nov    Helping Resolvers to help the DNS
Nov    Hiding the DNS
Nov    DNS and DDOS
Nov    Thanks Google!
Nov    RIPE 75
Oct    Raw Sockets in IPv6
Oct    DNS OARC 27
Oct    Not Rolling the KSK
Sep    An Opinion in Defence of NATs
Aug    IPv6 Fragmentation Extension Headers, Part 2
Aug    IPv6, Large UDP Packets and the DNS
Jul    Notes from IETF 99 - The Other Bits
Jul    Notes from IETF 99 - DNS Activity
Jul    Notes from IETF 99 - The IEPG
Jun    More Specifics in BGP
May    DNS OARC 26
May    RIPE 74
May    BBR TCP
Apr    Up!
Apr    ARIN 39 Report
Apr    IETF 98 Report
Mar    The Internet's Gilded Age
Feb    The Root of the DNS
Feb    NANOG 69
Jan    Addressing 2016
Jan    BGP in 2016
Jan    A Postscript to the Leap Second


Dec    Let's Encrypt with DANE
Dec    Leaving it to the Last Second
Dec    Scoring the DNS Root Server System, Pt2 - A Sixth Star?
Nov    Scoring the DNS Root Server System
Nov    RIPE 73
Nov    BGP Large Communities
Oct    The Death of Transit?
Oct    NANOG 68
Oct    A Brief History of the IANA
Oct    DNS OARC 25
Oct    IPv6 and the DNS
Sep    DDOS Attackers - Who and Why?
Sep    Binding to an IPv6 Subnet
Aug    IPv6 Performance - Revisited
Jul    IETF 96
Jul    Hosts vs Networks
Jul    One Second Warning
Jun    What is Google Up To?
Jun    Open Season
Jun    DNS Privacy
May    Fragmenting IPv6
Apr    Declaring IPv6 an Internet Standard
Apr    IPv6 and the Internet of Things
Apr    Declaring IPv4 "Historic"
Apr    DNS OARC 24
Mar    Rolling Roots
Mar    DNS Zombies
Feb    NANOG 66
Feb    On the Internet Everyone is Connected to Everyone Else - Right? (Full Report)
Jan    BGP in 2015
Jan    Fragmentation
Jan    Addressing 2015


Nov    What's in a Name?
Nov    RIPE 71 Meeting Report
Nov    IPv6 Performance
Oct    Transport Protocols
Oct    NANOG 65 Report
Oct    DNS OARC Fall 2015 Workshop Report
Oct    Some Thoughts on the Open Internet
Sep    Measuring the Root Zone KSK Keyroll
Sep    The Changing Mobile World
Aug    The Global Village Idiot
Aug    A Second Look at APNIC and IPv4 Address Exhaustion
Aug    IPv4 Address Transfers in APNIC
Aug    IPv4 Address Exhaustion in APNIC
Jul    Revisiting Apple and IPv6
Jul    Changes to the Way We Measure IPv6
Jun    More Leaky Routes
Jun    An Update on IPv6
Jun    Apple and IPv6
Jun    Multipath TCP
Jun    NANOG 64
May    Tech Note: Measuring DNS Behaviour
May    Diving into the DNS
Apr    The Internet of Stupid Things
Mar    The Mobile Internet
Feb    Notes from NANOG 63
Feb    Decision Time for the Open Internet
Jan    Addressing 2014
Jan    BGP in 2014


Dec    Workshop on Future Root Service
Nov    The Resolvers We Use
Nov    Who's Watching
Oct    NANOG 62
Oct    Privacy and Security - Five Objectives
Oct    Internet Regulation: Section 706 vs Title II
Oct    How Big is That Network?
Sep    What's so special about 512?
Aug    What's the cost of DNSSEC
Aug    Where is Metadata Anyway?
Aug    What is Metadata and Why Should I Care?
Jul    Some Internet Measurements
Jun    The Open Internet?
May    NANOG 61
Apr    RIP Network Neutrality
Apr    A Reappraisal of Validation in the RPKI
Mar    NTP and Evil
Mar    Protocol Basics - The Network Time Protocol
Feb    BGP in 2013 - The Churn Report
Feb    Addressing 2013
Jan    BGP in 2013


Dec    MITM and Routing Security
Dec    IPv6 at the OECD - A Public Policy Perspective on IPv6
Nov    Who Uses Google's DNS?
Nov    IP Addresses and Traceback
Oct    Dotless
Oct    The Big Bad Internet
Sep    Valuing IP Addresses
Sep    Not All IP Addresses are the Same
Sep    A Question of DNS Protocols
Aug    When?
Jul    DNS, DNSSEC and Google's Public DNS Service
Jul    Here's looking at you ...
Jun    A Year in the Life
Jun    The Company You Keep
May    APNIC Labs IPv6 Measurement System
May    A Royal Opinion on Carrier Grade NATs
May    But That's Impossible
May    Measuring DNSSEC Performance
Apr    A Primer on IPv4, IPv6 and Transition
Apr    What the Ftt?
Apr    DNSSEC and Google's Public DNS Service
Mar    Literally IPv6
Feb    "Multi-Stakeholderism" and the Internet Policy Debate
Jan    Addressing 2012 - Another One bites the Dust!


Dec    Calling Stumps at WCIT: Win, Lose or Draw?
Dec    To Flat or to Cap?
Nov    Superstorm Sandy and the Global Internet
Nov    Counting IPv6 in the DNS
Nov    NANOG 56
Oct    Re-Counting DNSSEC
Oct    NORDUnet 2012 - My Impressions
Oct    Counting DNSSEC
Sep    Network Service Models and the Internet
Aug    The End, Part 2
Aug    Leaping Seconds
Jul    Carriage vs Content
Jul    All Your Packets Belong to Us
Jul    Measuring IPv6 - Country by Country
Jul    Occam's ITRs
Jun    The QoS Emperor's Wardrobe
Jun    A report on the OECD/BEREC Workshop on Interconnection and Regulation
May    Bemused Eyeballs
Apr    A Quick Primer on Internet Peering and Settlements
Apr    It's just not Cricket: Number Misuse, WCIT and ITRs
Mar    Leaking Routes
Feb    Detecting Bogon Filters
Jan    Addressing 2011 - One Down, Four to Go!


Dec    The Curious Case of the Crooked TCP Handshake
Dec    Dual Stack Esotropia
Nov    The (BGP) World is Flat!
Nov    BGP Growth Revisited
Oct    Hacking Away at the Internet's Security
Sep    Transitional Uncertainties
Aug    Networking @ Home
Jul    The Future of the Internet Economy: Chapter 2
Jul    Securing BGP with BGPsec
Jun    Still RIPE @ 62
May    Testing IPv6 for World IPv6 Day
Apr    Testing Teredo
Mar    Transitioning Protocols - Part 2
Feb    Transitioning Protocols - Part 1
Jan    Addressing 2010


Dec    Flailing IPv6
Nov    Transitional Myths
Oct    When?
Sep    A Rough Guide to Address Exhaustion
Aug    Wired vs Wireless
Jul    Background Radiation in IPv6
Jun    DNSSEC- A Review
May    Two simple Hints for Dual Stack Servers
Apr    Measuring More IPv6
Mar    Traffic in Network
Feb    Roll Over and Die?
Jan    Addressing 2009


Nov    Stateless and DNSperate!
Oct    RIPE at 59!
Sep    Is the Transition to IPv6 a "Market Failure?"
Aug    AS Numbers - Again
Jul    The State of SIDR
Jun    Twenty Years Later
May    Predicting the End of the World
Apr    NAT++: Address Sharing in IPv4
Mar    BGP in 2008
Feb    Mutterings on MTUs
Jan    A Tale of Two Protocols:IPv4, IPv6, MTUs and Fragmentation


Dec    Resource Certificates
Nov    Address Transfers and Markets
Oct    Confronting IPv4 Address Exhaustion
Sep    IPv6 Transition at IETF72
Aug    What IPv6 Address is That?
Jul    The Future of the Internet - A Political View
Jun    10 Years Later
May    The End of End to End?
Apr    IPv6 Deployment: Just where are we?
Mar    Tubular Routing
Feb    IPv6 Transition Tools and Tui
Jan    DNSSEC - Once More, With Feeling!


Dec    On the Hunt for Critical Internet Resources
Oct IPv6 Local Addresses
Sep Trust
Aug Transition to IPv6
Jul The End of the (IPv4) World
Jun Damping BGP
May IPv6 Ping Pong
Apr More ROAP – Routing and Addressing at IETF68
Mar infrastructure ENUM
Feb Addressing the Future Internet
Jan 32-bit AS Numbers – The View from the old BGP World


Dec    Internationalizing the Internet
Nov Whither Routing?
Oct DNSSEC - The Opinion
Sep DNSSEC - The Practice
Aug DNSSEC - The Theory
Jul Book Review - Wireless Networking for the Developing World
Jun The BGP Report for 2005
May An Introduction to BGP - The Protocol
Apr The Genesis of an Interent Standard
Mar Net Neutrality - Just who owes who in the content economy?
Feb Convergence?
Jan IPv6 - Extinction, Evolution or Revolution?


Dec    Routing IETF-64
Nov Numerology
Oct A Little Carrier Nostalgia
Sep Public Policy Questions for Internet Governance
Aug Exploring AS Numbers
JulJust How big is IPv6?
MayPublic Address Policies
AprCompetitive Addressing
MarSecuring Inter-Domain Routing
FebSecuring Routing - An ISP's Perspective
JanWhere's the Money?


Dec   IP Adressing Schemes
NovInternet Governance (Part 2)
OctInternet Governance (Part 1)
SepBGP Wedgies
AugEvolving TCP
JulTCP - How it works
JunMulti-homing and Identity in IPv6
AprHunting the Bogon
MarThe State of Inter-Domain Routing
FebAllocations vs Announcements
JanIt's Latency


Dec   That Was the Year That Was
NovBlurring the Lines
OctOn the Trashing of the Commons
SeptWhy are NATS so popular
AugIPv4 - How long have we got?
JunWho are you? A survey of Digital Identities
MayHappy Birthday Ethernet!
AprTrust - Revisited
MarShould the Network know what we're up to?
FebJust how good are you?
JanWaiting for IPv6


Dec   Won't Get Dot Fooled Again
JunLord of the Numbers
MaySNMP - What's Next?
AprSNMP - Friend or Foe?
MarSearching for the Midas bits
FebThe Wireless Internet
JanThe ISP - An Uncommon Carrier


Dec   It's a Trust Thing
NovThe Trouble with DSL
OctMPLS - Is the Emperor Clothed?
SepBest Efforts Networking
AugAn IP Scorecard
JulIdentity in IP
JunWhere is the Content Economy?
MayThe Unreliable Internet
AprThe Middleware Dilemma
MayScaling the Internet - The Routing View
FebAn Introduction to IP Routing
JanTo NAT or IPv6 - That is the Question


Dec   IP Addresses
OctWhat does the Customer Really Want?
SepIt's all Latency
MarSimplex made Simple

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