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logo ISP Column The ISP Column is published as a service to its members. The opinions expressed within do not necessarily represent the views of the Internet Society.

Securing BGP with BGPsec   July 2011    [pdf]  [txt] 
Still RIPE @ 62   June 2011    [pdf]  [txt] 
Testing IPv6 for World IPv6 Day   May 2011    [pdf]  [txt] 
Testing Teredo   April 2011    [pdf]  [txt] 
Transitioning Protocols - Part 2   March 2011    [pdf]  [txt] 
Transitioning Protocols - Part 1   February 2011    [pdf]  [txt] 
Addressing 2010   January 2011    [pdf]  [txt] 
Flailing with IPv6   December 2010    [pdf]  [txt] 
Transitional Myths   November 2010    [pdf]  [txt] 
When?   October 2010    [pdf]  [txt] 
A Rough Guide to Address Exhaustion   September 2010    [pdf]  [txt] 
Wired vs Wireless   August 2010    [pdf]  [txt] 
Background Radiation in IPv6   July 2010    [pdf]  [txt] 
DNSSEC - A Review   June 2010    [pdf]  [txt] 
Two Simple Hints for Dual Stack Servers   May 2010    [pdf]  [txt] 
Measuring More IPv6   April 2010    [pdf]  [txt] 
Traffic in Network   March 2010    [pdf]  [txt] 
Roll Over and Die?   February 2010    [pdf]  [txt] 
Addressing 2009   January 2010    [pdf]  [txt] 
NXDOMAIN?   December 2009    [pdf]  [txt] 
Stateless and DNSperate!   November 2009    [pdf]  [txt] 
RIPE at 59!   October 2009    [pdf]  [txt] 
Is the Transition to IPv6 a "Market Failure?"   September 2009    [pdf]  [txt] 
AS Numbers - Again   August 2009    [pdf]  [txt] 
The State of SIDR   July 2009    [pdf]  [txt] 
Twenty Years Later   June 2009    [pdf]  [txt] 
Predicting the End of the World   May 2009    [pdf]  [txt] 
NAT++: Address Sharing in IPv4   April 2009    [pdf]  [txt] 
BGP in 2008   March 2009    [pdf]  [txt] 
Mutterings on MTUs   February 2009    [pdf]  [txt] 
A Tale of Two Protcols: IPv6, IPv6, MTUs and Fragmentation   January 2009    [pdf]  [txt] 
Resource Certificates   December 2008    [pdf]  [txt] 
Address Transfers and Markets   November 2008    [pdf]  [txt] 
Confronting IPv4 Address Depletion   October 2008    [pdf]  [txt] 
IPv6 Transition at IETF72   September 2008    [pdf]  [txt] 
What IPv6 Address is That?   August 2008    [pdf]  [txt] 
The Future of the Internet - A Political View   July 2008    [pdf]  [txt] 
10 Years Later   June 2008    [pdf]  [txt] 
The End of End to End?   May 2008    [pdf]  [txt] 
IPv6 Deployment: Just Where are we?   April 2008    [pdf]  [txt] 
Tubular Routing   March 2008    [pdf]  [txt] 
IPv6 Transition Tools and Tui   February 2008    [pdf]  [txt] 
DNSSEC - Once More, With Feeling!   January 2008    [pdf]  [txt] 
On the Hunt for Critical Internet Resources   December 2007    [pdf]  [txt] 
NANOGGING   November 2007    [pdf]  [txt] 
IPV6 Local Addresses   October 2007    [pdf]  [txt] 
Trust   September 2007    [pdf]  [txt] 
Transition to IPv6   August 2007    [pdf]  [txt] 
IPv4 Exhaustion Nears    July 2007    [pdf]  [txt] 
Damping BGP   June 2007    [pdf]  [txt] 
IPv6 Ping Pong   May 2007    [pdf]  [txt] 
More ROAP - Routing and Address at IETF68   April 2007    [pdf]  [txt] 
Infrastructure ENUM   March 2007    [pdf]  [txt] 
Addresses and the Future Internet   February 2007    [pdf]  [txt] 
32-bit AS Numbers - The View from the old BGP World   January 2007    [pdf]  [txt] 
Internationalizing the Internet   December 2006    [pdf]  [txt] 
Whither Routing?   November 2006    [pdf]  [txt] 
DNSSEC - The Opinion   October 2006    [pdf]  [txt] 
DNSSEC - The Practice   September 2006    [pdf]  [txt] 
DNSSEC - The Theory   August 2006    [pdf]  [txt] 
Book Review - Wireless Networking for the Developing World   July 2006    [pdf]  [txt] 
The BGP Report for 2005   June 2006    [pdf]  [txt] 
An Introduction to BGP - The Protocol   May 2006    [pdf]  [txt] 
The Genesis of an Internet Standard   April 2006    [pdf]  [txt] 
Net Neutrality - Just who owes who in the content economy?   March 2006    [pdf]  [txt] 
Convergence?   February 2006    [pdf]  [txt] 
IPv6 - Evolution or Revolution?   January 2006    [pdf]  [txt] 
A Little Carrier Nostalgia   December 2005    [pdf]  [txt] 
Public Policy Questions for Internet Governance   November 2005    [pdf]  [txt] 
4-Byte AS Numbers    October 2005    [pdf]  [txt] 
AS Number Consumption   September 2005    [pdf]  [txt] 
Exploring Autonomous System Numbers    August 2005    [pdf]  [txt] 
Just how big is IPv6?    July 2005    [pdf]  [txt] 
Faster   June 2005    [pdf]  [txt] 
Address Policies   May 2005    [pdf]  [txt] 
Competitive Addressing   April 2005    [pdf]  [txt] 
Securing Inter-Domain Routing    March 2005    [pdf]  [txt] 
Securing BGP - An ISP's Perspective    February 2005    [pdf]  [txt] 
Where's the Money? Inter-Provider Settlements in the Internet    January 2005    [pdf]  [txt] 
IP Addressing Schemes     December 2004    [pdf]  [txt] 
Internet Governance (Part 2)     November 2004    [pdf]  [txt] 
Internet Governance (Part 1)     October 2004    [pdf]  [txt] 
BGP Wedgies    September 2004    [pdf]  [txt] 
Evolving TCP    August 2004    [pdf]  [txt] 
TCP - How it works    July 2004    [pdf]  [txt] 
Multi-Homing and Identity in IPv6    June 2004    [pdf]  [txt] 
Multi-Homing    May 2004    [pdf]  [txt] 
The State of Inter-Domain Routing    April 2004    [pdf]  [txt] 
Hunting the Bogon    Mar 2004    [pdf]  [txt] 
Allocations vs Announcements    Feb 2004    [pdf]  [txt] 
Its Latency    Jan 2004    [pdf]  [txt] 
That Was the Year That Was    Dec 2003    [pdf]  [txt] 
Blurring the Lines    Nov 2003    [pdf]  [txt] 
Trashing the Commons    Oct 2003    [pdf]  [txt] 
Why are NATs so popular?    Sep 2003    [pdf]  [txt] 
IPv4 - How long have we got?    Aug 2003    [pdf]  [txt] 
Lord of the Numbers    Jul 2003    [pdf]  [txt] 
Who Are You? A Survey of Digital Identities    Jun 2003    [pdf]  [txt] 
Happy Birthday Ethernet    May 2003    [pdf]  [txt] 
Trust Revisited    Apr 2003    [pdf]  [txt] 
Should the network know what we're up to?    Mar 2003    [pdf]  [txt] 
Just How Good Are You?    Feb 2003    [pdf]  [txt] 
Waiting for IPv6    Jan 2003    [pdf]  [txt] 
      IPv6 Forum Response
Won't Get Dot Fooled Again    Dec 2002    [pdf]  [txt]