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The following documents are authored by Geoff Huston (well, actually the one dated 1681 was not, but its a neat document anyway).

All documents Copyright Geoff Huston


  Anatomy - A detailed look at NATs August
  6to4 Reverse DNS Delegation August
  RFC3489 - IPv6 Address Prefix Reserved for Documentation July


  A Proposal for Management of the 6to4 reverse address space October
  RIPE 46 Plenary - IPv4 Address Lifetime Expectancy Revisited September
  APNIC Submission - Comments on Local Use IPv6 Addrs August
  APNIC Presentation - Comments on Local Use IPv6 Addrs August
  Internet Draft - Comments on Local Use IPv6 Addrs August
  IPv4 - How long have we got? July
  Who are you? June
  Happy Birthday Ethernet! May
  Trust - Revisited April
  Should the Network know what we're up to? March
  The Internet 5 Year Plan February
  Just how good are you? February
  Waiting for IPv6 January


  Won't Get Dot Fooled Again December
  IPv6 Presentation on V6 Status, ICANN Meeting October
  ENUM September
  BGP Update Routing Area meeting, 54th IETF July
  The Lord of the Numbers June
  SNMP - Whats Next? May
  SNMP - Friend or Foe? April
  Searching for the Midas bits March
  The Wireless Internet February
  The BGP Table in 2001 Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop January
  The ISP - An Uncommon Carrier January


  Commentary on Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet, RFC3221 December
  Its a Trust Thing December
  The Trouble with DSL November
  An Internet Outlook, WAIA Conference October
  MPLS - Is the Emperor Clothed? October
  Best Efforts Networking September
  NOPEER - Presentation to Ptomaine BOF Limiting scope for BGP Router Advertisements, 51st IETF August
  NOPEER - Individual Internet Draft submission draft-huston-nopeer-00.txt August
  An IP Scorecard August
  Identity in IP July
  Where is the Content Economy? June
  The Unreliable Internet May
  The Middleware Dilemma April
  The Changing Structure of the Internet APECTEL23 March
  BGP Evolution IETF 50 Plenary March
  State of Inter-Domain Routing: IAB Workshop presentation Background on Architectural Requirements for Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet March
  Analyzing the Internet's BGP Routing Table published in The Internet Protocol Journal, Volume 4, Number 1 March
  Scaling the Internet - The Routing View March
  An Introduction to IP Routing February
  To NAT or IPv6 - That is the Question January


  BGP Table trends - Presentation IETF Routing Area December
  IP Addresses December
  RFC 2990 Next Steps for the IP QoS Architecture November
  Peering November
  The Giganet - Keynote presentation to APNIC Members Meeting October
  Information and the Internet Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) Conference October
  What does the Customer Really Want? October
  TCP Futures published in The Internet Protocol Journal, Volume 3, Number 3 September
  Its all Latency September
  Network Management Workshop, ISOC Network Training Workshop, Yokohama June  
  TCP published in The Internet Protocol Journal, Volume 3, Number 2 June
  QoS - Fact or Fiction? published in The Internet Protocol Journal, Volume 3, Number 1 March
  Simplex made simple March


  Web Caching - published in The Internet Protocol Journal, Volume 2, Number 3 September
  Interconnections, Peering and Financial Settlements - INET'99 Presentation, San Jose June
  Tutorial slide pack on "Quality of Service" January  
  Inter-Provider Peering White paper January  


  Quality of Service - Tutorial material October
  Quality of Service - INET'98 Paper and Presentation,, Geneva June
  White paper: "What is a VPN?" Geoff Huston and Paul Ferguson March


  Do IP Addresses Have a Value? published inOnTheInternet, ISOC January


  Path Precedence Discovery Algorithm Internet Draft December
  The Internet in Australia Presentation to Netword+Interop Sydney November  
  Pricing IP Address Space - presentation to the PIARA BOF, IETF, Montreal June  
  RFC 2036 On the use of Components of the Class A Address Space within the Internet October


  RFC 1744 Observations on the Management of the Internet Address Space December
  ISP Architectures - presentation material for the ISOC Developing Countries Workshop, Prague June
  Desperately Seeking Default - INET'94 Paper and Presentation, Prague June


  Internet Connectivity INET'92 paper, Kobe June


  Historical Account of the Rise and Progress of Addressing Printed for R. Faneway