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The following documents are authored by Geoff Huston.

All documents Copyright Geoff Huston


  - January Where's the Money?


  - December IP Addressing Schemes
  - November Internet Governance (Part 2)
  - October Internet Governance (Part 1)
  - September BGP Wedgies
  - August Evolving TCP
  - July TCP - How it works
  - June Multi-Homing and Identity in IPv6
  - May Multi-Homing
  - April Hunting the Bogon
  - March Allocations vs Announcements
  - February The State of Inter-Domain Routing
  - January Its Latency


  - December That Was the Year That Was
  - November Blurring the Lines
  - October On the Trashing of the Commons
  - September Why are NATS so popular?
  - July IPv4 - How long have we got?
  - June Who are you? A survey of Digital Identities
  - May Happy Birthday Ethernet!
  - April Trust - Revisited
  - March Should the Network know what we're up to?
  - February Just how good are you?
  - January Waiting for IPv6


  - December Won't Get Dot Fooled Again
  - June The Lord of the Numbers
  - May SNMP - Whats Next?
  - April SNMP - Friend or Foe?
  - March Searching for the Midas bits
  - February The Wireless Internet
  - January The ISP - An Uncommon Carrier


  - December Its a Trust Thing
  - November The Trouble with DSL
  - October MPLS - Is the Emperor Clothed?
  - September Best Efforts Networking
  - August An IP Scorecard
  - July Identity in IP
  - June Where is the Content Economy?
  - May The Unreliable Internet
  - April The Middleware Dilemma
  - March Scaling the Internet - The Routing View
  - February An Introduction to IP Routing
  - January To NAT or IPv6 - That is the Question


  - December IP Addresses
  - November Peering
  - October What does the Customer Really Want?
  - September Its all Latency
  - March Simplex made simple