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Internet Society

Network Training Workshop, 2000

Track 4 - Internet Network Management


To instruct students in the essential aspects of Internet network management, in terms of operations and technology management as well as business and strategy management.


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Course Overview

  1. Overview

  2. How do national Internet infrastructures evolve?
  3. How is the Internet Structured?
  4. IP Routing
  5. The Architecture of an Internet Service
  6. Multi-Provider Issues
  7. Capacity Management and Planning
  8. Pricing Models and Business Planning for Internet Services
  9. Network Operations Management

  10. Security Managment
  11. Internet Services
  12. DNS Names and IP Addresses and Registries

  13. Industry Trends
  14. Exercise Scenario
  15. Wrap Up

Course Teaching Material

Internet Documents

Useful Software

Suggested Reading List

ISP Book Cover An ISP Survival Guide by Geoff Huston, John Wiley & Sons, published November 1998. The book describes the ISP industry, covering the technology, business management and overall industry directions. QOS Book COverQuality of Service : Delivering Qos on the Internet and in Corporate Networks by Paul Ferguson and Geoff Huston, John Wiley & Sons, Feb 1998. A Book Companion Page contains updates on the references to papers and resources for QoS engineering.

Eng Book Cover An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking : ATM Networks, the Internet, and the Telephone Network by Srinivasan Keshav, Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series.

Arc Book
Cover Internet Architectures by Daniel Minoli and Andrew Schmidt, John Wiley & Sons.


Vpn Book
Cover Building and Managing Virtual Private Networks by David Kosiur, John Wiley & Sons.

Rtg Book
Cover Internet Routing Architectures by Bessam Halabi, Cisco Press.


Tcp Book
Cover TCP/IP Network Admistration by Craig Hunt, O'Reilly & Associates.

Dns Book
Cover DNS and BIND by Paul ALbitz and Cricket Liu, O'Reilly & Associates.


IntPerf Book
Cover Internet Performance Survival Guide by Geoff Huston, John Wiley & Sons, published March 2000.

Evil Geniuses Book
Cover Evil Geniuses by J. D. Illiad Frazer, et al, O'Reilly & Associates.


Switch Book
Cover The Switch Book, by Rich Seifert, Published May 2000 by John Wiley & Sons.

Intrusion Detect Book
Cover Intrusion Detection by Rebecca Gurley Bace, Published December 1999 by New Riders.