Tools Perl script to generate an html output document which contains the highlighted differences between the two documents.
sparse.c C code that simulates an IPv6 address allocation registry using IPv4 registry allocation data as the simulation seed. The delegated file, containing the union of the historic RIR and IANA allocation data, is input to this simulator.
BGPD Code releases of BGP implementations with 4-Byte AS number supported hacked in. Currently this directory has OpenBGPD 3.9, the FreeBSD-patched OpenBGPD 3.9 and OpenBGPD 4.0 sources.
Prefixes A package that compares sequences of route table snapshots (from route-views) and constructs a prefix history of prefix flaps and origin AS movements.
ASNs Report on consumption of AS Numbers.
IPv4 Report on consumption of IPv4 numbers.