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The Source of Time, NANOGAug 2023
Happy 50th Birthday Ethernet, CircleIDJun 2023
RIPE 86 Bites: What's the Time?, CircleIDJun 2023
RIPE 86 Bites: Encryption and Active network Management, CircleIDJun 2023
RIPE 86 Bites: Gigabits for EU, CircleIDJun 2023
Failed Expectations: A Deep Dive Into the Internet's 40 Years of Evolution, CircleIDMay 2023
Submarine Cable Resiliency in the Face of Disruptions, CircleIDMar 2023
Is Secured Routing a Market Failure?, CircleIDDec 2022
The DNS at the IGF, CircleIDDec 2022
Looking at Centrality in the DNS, CircleIDNov 2022
Re-Examining Internet Fragmentation, CircleIDSep 2022
Bigger, Faster, Better (and Cheaper!), CircleIDAug 2022
Content vs Carriage – Who Pays?, CircleIDJun 2022
Using LEOs and GEOs, CircleIDApr 2022
Some Thoughts on DNS4EU – the European Commission’s Intention to Support the Development of a New European DNS Resolver, CircleIDFeb 2022
The Changing Role of IP Addresses in the Architectural Evolution of the Internet, CircleIDJan 2022
It's Time to Rethink Outage Reports, CircleIDJul 2021
The Risk Factors of CDNs and Centrality, CircleIDJul 2021
A Look at DNS Trends and What the Future May Hold, CircleIDOct 2020
Going Postal, CircleIDOct 2020
A DNS View of Lockdown, CircleIDJun 2020
What's in Your DNS Query?, CircleIDAug 2019
Network Protocols and Their Use, CircleIDJun 2019
A Report on the ICANN DNS Symposium, CircleIDMay 2019
DNS Privacy at IETF 104, CircleIDApr 2019
Securing the Routing System at NANOG 74, , CircleIDOct 2018
What Drives IPv6 Deployment?, CircleIDMay 2018
An Opinion in Defence of NATs, CircleIDSep 2017
Leaving it to the Last Second - The Leap Seconds Conundrum, CircleIDDec 2016
On the Internet Everyone is Connected to Everyone Else - Right?, CircleIDFeb 2016
What's in a Name?, CircleIDDec 2015
RIPE 71 Meeting Report, CircleIDNov 2015
Apple and IPv6 - Not Quite There Yet, CircleIDJun 2015
Decision Time for the Open Internet, CircleIDFeb 2015
Internet Regulation: Section 706 vs Title II, CircleIDOct 2014
CircleIDOct 2014
Some Internet Measurements, CircleIDJul 2014
Apple and IPv6 - Not Quite There Yet, CircleIDJun 2014
A Question of DNS Protocols, CircleIDAug 2013
World IPv6 Day: A Year in the Life, CircleIDJun 2013
Addressing 2012: Another One Bites the Dust, CircleIDJan 2013
Superstorm Sandy and the Global Internet, CircleIDDec 2012
Measuring IPv6 - Country by Country, CircleIDJun 2012
Occam's ITRs, CircleIDJun 2012
Is the Transition to IPv6 a Market Failure?, CircleIDSep 2009
DNSSEC: Once More, With Feeling!, CircleIDDec 2007
On the Hunt for Critical Internet Resources, CircleIDNov 2007
Could IP Addressing Benefit from the Introduction of Competitive Suppliers, CircleIDApr 2005
IPv6, Part I (How Did IPv6 Come About, Anyway?), CircleIDSep 2003
IPv6, Part II (Exposing 9 Myths About IPv6), CircleIDSep 2003

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