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                                                       February 18, 2016

         Updating the ex officio member of the IAB in the  IAOC


   This document updates the way in which the ex officio member from the
   IAB who serves on the IAOC is appointed in order to better match the
   skills set out in RFC 4333.

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1.  Introduction

Hardie, Sullivan & HouslExpires August 19, 2016                 [Page 1]
Internet-Draft              IAB IAOC update                February 2016

   [RFC4071] describes the membership of the IAOC and assigns two roles
   to the Internet Architecture Board: appointing a member from the
   community and providing a member from the IAB.  The ex officio member
   provided by the IAB is currently required to be the IAB Chair.
   [RFC4333] sets out selection guidelines for members of the IAOC.
   This document proposes an update to RFC 4071 to allow a different IAB
   member to serve, in order to better meet the criteria set out in RFC

2.  Proposed change

   This document proposes to allow the IAB to select from among its
   members the individual who best matches the criteria set out in IAOC
   member selection guidelines RFC 4333.  This might be a different
   person than the person best able to carry out the other duties of the
   IAB Chair.  Should it happen that the IAB Chair is also the best
   person to serve on the IAOC, then the IAB Chair may serve; it is
   simply no longer required.

   The individual named by the IAB will serve a renewable one year term,
   subject to the recall of the IAB by the same means the IAB chair is
   removed (an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the IAB).  All IAB
   members are also subject to recall under the terms of [RFC3777].

   Given the nature of the IAOC responsibilities, it is advantageous
   that the appointment of an IAB member to the IAOC be approximately as
   stable as the appointment of the IAB chair.

   The resulting changes to RFC 4071 are:

   In section 4, where the document on membership currently says "The
   IAB Chair (ex officio);", we propose "An IAB member designated for a
   one-year term."

3.  Security Considerations

   This document describes an administrative change rather than a

4.  IANA Considerations

   This document currently has no actions for IANA.

5.  Acknowledgements

   Olaf Kolkman was kind enough to review and provide suggestions to an
   early version of this document.  Lou Berger, Brian Carpenter, Leslie
   Daigle, Martin Duerst, Bob Hinden, John Klensin, Mike St.  Johns, and
   Suzanne Woolf provided additional comments on version 1.

6.  References

6.1.  Normative References

Hardie, Sullivan & HouslExpires August 19, 2016                 [Page 2]
Internet-Draft              IAB IAOC update                February 2016

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6.2.  Informative References

   [RFC4333]  Huston, G.Ed.,  and B. Wijnen, Ed., "The IETF
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Authors' Addresses

   Ted Hardie

   Andrew Sullivan

   Russ Housley
   Vigil Security

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