The IEPG is an informal gathering that meets on the Sunday prior to IETF meetings. The intended theme of these meetings is essentially one of operational relevance in some form or fashion - although the chair will readily admit that he will run with an agenda of whatever is on offer at the time!

The IEPG has a web page (you're looking at it!) and a mailing list ( - the usual subscription protocols apply).

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the IEPG will be held at 10am on Sunday prior to the next IETF meeting.

Send a suggestion for agenda topics or, better still, send an offer to present on a topic of operational interest, to

Notes from Past IEPG Meetings

The mailing list for the IEPG is Subscription requests can be sent to

The IEPG was started in the early 1990's as a venue to coordinate interconnections across the various Acacemic and Research Internets at the time (RFC 1690). It evolved into a more generic network operator forum over the ensuing years, and found a stable home in the IETF, meeting on the Sunday prior to each IETF meeting at the meeting venue. The IEPG sessions consist of a number of presentations on current operationally relevant topics. Notes and presentations from all IEPG meetings can be found on the IEPG web site.

The IEPG chairs are currently Chris Morrow and Warren Kumari.